What you should know before traveling to Delhi and how to learn the Buddhist culture

The capital city Delhi is known for the boisterous lifestyle, a lot of moving people to and from different angles of the city. This Indian city is quite one of the top places you might want to visit in India, the rich taste of culture, amazing food, and a lot of colors are but wonderful attractions you should enjoy on your visit. As a first-time visitor, you should have some basic knowledge before your visit which would help you prepare yourself better for this new adventure. Culture and spirituality are interwoven to many traditions in the world. Buddhism is one of the world’s fourth-largest and traced to Indian culture.

Read reviews

Before you make your trip, first there should be plans for travel, accommodation, flight, and other necessary basics. Reviews place you in a better position equipping you to make informed decisions in purchasing a product or hiring a service. As the case may be, US-reviews is a one platforms to make a wholesome review on services offered by hoteliers and travel agencies. There are hundreds of thousands of travel agencies to select from, but it would be smart to compare for discounts and tentacles of where their generous offer could stretch to. EasyClickTravel might be one of the options of your choice to exemplify travel agencies with such offers for members.

Best season to visit

Delhi could be a very hot place to be during the summer, so to enjoy your trip or holiday to the capital it is best to visit during the winter season. November to March is quite the best time to make such trips.

Safety first

Visiting any place at all, you should always be cautious of your safety first no matter what. Safety for your general well-being (health) and from external factors. You should make provision for bottled water throughout your trip as the water source in Delhi may cause an upset to your health. You should also have cans of bug spray and pepper spray. One cannot be over careful when it comes to health and factors you are not familiar with or sure of.

Transportation and accommodation

You should also prepare your wallet for transportation. Movement with the metro cabs will be very busy during the early hours of the day. So you could opt for Uber or Ola. If your travel agency has not prepared a hotel for you, you should check south Delhi for quaint and nice places offering affordable prices.

How to learn Buddhism

A conscious effort to learn a new religion such as Buddhism could be an exciting thrill in finding a new path and belief. Some schools offer to teach this religion even on an online platform. Edx is also one of such platforms that offers this course, which your curious mind could explore through the teachings of its scriptures, in partnership with Harvard University.

Finally, this could be useful tips for your next trip to the India capital city of Delhi. Worthy of note if you have enough time you should learn a few things in their language and dress modestly though you should be comfortable with what you wear anyway.