Tips on Visiting Thailand for First-Timers

Thailand is one of the ASEAN countries with a lot of dream tourist destinations for many people. Many people from various countries visit Thailand every year. Are you the one who is also planning a vacation to this country this year? You should listen to tips on the first time visiting Thailand below:

Pay Attention to Dressing Styles

You need to know that there are several tours in Thailand, some of them are temples or places of worship. It is highly recommended for you to wear modest clothes to show a sign that you respect their sacred place of worship. Try to avoid wearing short pants or skirts and avoid wearing sleeveless tops or low neck cuts.

Riding a Tuk-tuk is highly recommended

Tuk-tuk is one of the traditional Thai vehicles. You should try to take a tuk-tuk in Thailand. Make sure you have made a price agreement before riding the tuk-tuk. Don’t hesitate to ask the driver about the fare for a certain distance before negotiating a price.

Shop for souvenirs at the market

One thing that should be included in your To-Do List is to shop for souvenirs. Of course, you want to look for good quality at a pocket-friendly price. We recommend you shop at the market. The market in Thailand offers a variety of funny trinkets and delicious local food. The price is much lower than the menu at the supermarket. Some of the markets that must be on your list are the Chiang Mai night market, the end of the Chatuchak pean in Bangkok, and the Tha Kha floating market near Samut Songkhram.

Choose a Comfortable Hotel

Traveling around Thailand for sure makes your body tired. Make sure you have rented a comfortable hotel and certainly safe to nourish your body and prepare your energy to explore the other side of Thailand the next day. Solitaire 4 Star Hotel Bangkok is the right choice for you. You can access it through www.solitairebangkok.com to see exceptional facilities and offers.