The best time to travel to the Mountains

Mountains are an attractive tourist destination for you who want to go traveling. Especially in Indonesia there are many mountains that have interesting views. On the mountain, you not only can enjoy the beauty of nature. You can also feel the warmth of friendship, learn to love nature, and find your true self. If you don’t believe, try watching films about climbing up to the mountains like 5 cm or the Himalayas. Unfortunately, the mountain is not a good place to visit all year round. So before deciding to go to the mountain, you must first understand the best time to visit the mountain.

The best time to go to the mountains is during the summer months from late April to early October. Usually, the climber’s most preferred time of climbing is in the July to September period. This period is the height of summer. Apart from the small possibility of rain, the natural landscape in this period is truly extraordinary. In the afternoon, the blue sky will shade every hiking activity. This clear sky makes the sunrise and sunset moments very beautiful because the golden luster of the sun wouldn’t block by clouds.

At night, the clear sky makes the constellations visible. For astronomical photography enthusiasts, this period is the perfect time to photograph the beauty of the Milky Way galaxy. The number of people will make it a little difficult for you to get the best camping spots. Even in some a Mountains there are often queues to set foot on the summit. In addition, the air during the day will feel hotter and the night weather will feel cooler than the rainy season.

Alternatively, try climbing in the May to June period or in October. Although the rain has started to fall, but the number of people who made the climb in this period is less. In May to June, the availability of water on the mountain is quite a lot and hiking trails and campsites are also cleaner because not many climbers have come there. Whereas in October, the availability of clean water becomes less and sometimes mountains begin to scatter garbage. After knowing the right time for a vacation to the mountain, now you just have to make climbing plans with your friends.

For beginners, you can climb Prau, Bromo or Papandayan mountains. For those who are experienced, try higher mountain climbers like Merbabu, Semeru, Rinjani, Kerinci, or Cantenz. For those of you who want to looking for Bromo Tour Package at affordable prices, you can try to order the services of a travel agent from Cloud Tour. They provide Mount Bromo Tour, starting from IDR 1,100,000 / Person