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Home Improvement DIY with The Carey Brothers

And as these shows attract more and more viewers, people’s houses are starting to look identical, since it seems there is only one way for a home to be stylish and inviting. Flowers and other plants are a great way to brighten your home’s exterior. Use greenery in front of your house and/or along walkways to draw attention to your home. To get the most for your dollars, choose perennial plants, which come back year after year, rather than annuals, which, as their name suggests, last a year or less. Patch any bald spots in the yard with fresh sod and trim existing trees and bushes to complete the yard’s new look.

  • The real estate value will appreciate when your home is adequately maintained.
  • Whatever it may be, investing in your home’s lighting will make a noticeable difference in style.
  • It’s an effective
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