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With this pivotal realization, the period of luxury cruise travel was born. Functional Atlantic crossings metamorphosed into trendy leisure pursuits of appreciable social standing. Gambling, drinking, dining, dancing, seeing, and being seen have been hallmarks of cruising through the heydays of the early to mid-1900s. By crusing out to sea three miles, a ship can be in international waters and therefore beyond U.S. jurisdiction.

Because speed was now not a central issue, the streamlined profile of the ocean liner yielded to passenger demands for extra space and larger variety of actions. Wide, square vessels constructed to make use of economies of scale replaced tapered hulls and modern profiles. For example, the largest Travel Destinations ship to sail the seas initially of the 2000s is greater than twenty tales high, longer than three football fields; and at twice the tonnage of the ocean liner Titanic, it is able to carrying nearly …

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