Summer Mountain Activities Good for Your Family Members

Just because there’s no snow on the surface doesn’t mean there’s nothing fun to do on the mountain! Snow will melt away, but a whole host of outdoor activities that are only possible in this great weather come with warm weather. Here is a list of 7 fun and exciting things to do at Breckenridge this summer.

  1. Go on an Off-Road Segway Tour

Hopping on an off-road Segway and zooming through the mountains is the most fantastic new way to experience the great outdoors in Breckenridge! At Brecks Summer Fun Park at Peak 8, you can buy tickets for this tour. Riders must not be younger than 14 years and must have an adult accompanying them. The adventure is about 2 hours long, so be ready with durable shoes and maybe a hat!

  1. Try Summer Dog Sledding

This is a fun summer activity right now. Do you know those adorable pups that are so well trained in the mushing sport? Come summertime, to be ready for winter, they do need exercise and practice their shape. If you are on a horse, cart, or scooter, that’s when you walk in or roll in more precisely, and companies such as Snow Caps Sled Dogs will have the dogs. The leash connects these well-trained athletes to your mode of transportation, and then off you go exploring the countryside!

  1. Go Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is the perfect way to navigate the Blue River, and Kodi Rafting is the ideal way to do whitewater rafting. Customers also get a discount when they mention Summit Vacations for their stay! On your online Summit Vacations account portal, look for “Summit Deals.”

  1. Mountain Bike down The Trails

Breckenridge is fortunate enough to be situated right in its glorious backyard with 50 miles of the trail network. So grab your bike and bike helmet (safety first, of course!) and hit those incredible trails! You can rent mountain bikes from any of the town’s sports stores, such as Avalanche Sports, Alpine Sports, and Elevation Ski and Ride, but after booking online, you can find the best offers Summit Vacation customers at Base Mountain Sports. Look at your Summit Vacations account portal for “Summit Deals.”

  1. Go Fly Fishing in the Blue River

Some of the most stunning views and the best fishing in America are provided by the rivers flowing through the Colorado Rockies. Breckenridge is fortunate to have near to its heart the bountiful Blue River. Companies such as Breckenridge Outfitters and the Mountain Angler provide you with all the equipment and help you catch the many trout waiting for your line!

  1. Horseback Riding

Sit down at Breckenridge Stables and enjoy a trail ride. Why not go for a carriage ride if you are looking for something a bit more relaxed? For this one, too, use your Summit Offers!

  1. Go for a romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride

Are you eager to see Breckenridge in all its magnificence? A Colorado Hot Air Balloon Flight will be the perfect way to do so. Guests at Summit Vacation also get a discount by using their “Summit Offers.”


You need the appropriate gear for these kinds of activities. As such, before setting out you can search for how to choose a proper sports gear around so that your adventure will be memorable.