Customer Reviews And Electronic Cigarettes: How Reviews Affect The Popularity Of E-Cigarettes?

Customer reviews are the opinions of customers, based on their experiences, on goods, products, and services purchased. The reports can make or mar a business or organization. Many companies strive to make sure that the reviews they get are predominantly positive. They do this by making sure to satisfy, to a considerable degree, the whims of the customer.

They also make sure to give satisfactory customer service experience to customers. These methods are adopted by White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, and its foundational theories are what other companies copy. Check out the white cloud electronic cigarettes experiences result here.

These reviews are essential in the continued manufacture of electronic cigarettes. While there are mixed reviews on the subject, it has continued to flourish since there are predominantly positive reviews about it.

E-cigarettes and vaping

For a smoking free world, devices containing flavored e-liquids, nicotine, or marijuana were created to replace cigarettes. These devices are in form different forms ranging from vape pens to e-cigarette et cetera. Vaping itself is the act of inhaling and exhaling an aerosol produced by a vape device.

Vape devices come in different forms, one of which is the E-cigarette. The vape device, known as e-cigarette, avoids the carbon monoxide and tar found in regular cigarettes that are extremely dangerous and harmful to health.

Though created to battle the addiction to traditional cigarettes, it still contains nicotine, which an addictive ingredient. Nicotine stimulates the feeling of pleasure and also may cause the user of E-cigarette to be addicted to other substances.

It is estimated that more than forty-five million Americans smoke cigarettes, and this is the leading preventable cause of death. E-cigarettes are meant to divert the energy of people from smoking. The supposed health risk aside, the use of E-cigarettes has reduced the number of persons that engage in smoking. It gives the same effect as tobacco does and thus makes it easier for addicted smokers to abandon smoking.

With its increasing approval rate, different designs and specifications have accompanied the more recent e-cigarettes. The users have created methods by which to differentiate the good ones from the perceived bad ones, which helps to improve the popularity of e-cigarette.

Customer reviews and E-cigarettes

Since little is known on the design features that make e-cigarettes appealing, customers’ reviews have been used to forecast the popularity of vape devices, and online reviews are used as a channel for information on the products.

The popularity of an E-cigarette is boosted if its features fit or satisfy the customers. These features include build quality, color, the model of the tip, battery quality, screw quality, price, coil performance, power mode performance, tank quality, and temperature control performance.


Though its existence has been greeted with mixed reviews, e-cigarettes have continually remained popular. These reviews have always pushed this vape device into the consciousness of more people, and since it lacks the restrictions of traditional tobacco, it is widely embraced and accepted.