Africa Memorable Safari Experiences

Uganda is slowy becoming one of the top safari destinations in Africa. Its landscapes are well known with numerous waterfalls, lakes and the beautiful, snowcapped Ruwenzori Mountains as backdrop. An African safari to this stunning and friendly African country is one of the best and memorable experiences one can get from Africa.

Begin your sightseeing tour with Kampala, the capital city. The Kasubi Tombs, the National Museum, the sparkling white Kibuli Mosque, the huge Rubago Cathedral and the enormous Bahai Temple in the heart of the city. In Entebbe, the city where all Uganda international flights land and take off are the Botanical gardens which are worth visiting if you have half a day available. Established in 1901, the gardens are alongside the lake between the sailing club and the centre of Entebbe.

Outside Kampala, you will be spoilt with choice of destinations. A trip to Kibale Forest National Park, the spectacular Semliki Valley National Park or the dramatic Murchison Falls National Park is well worth a visit. If your preference is to experience the best scenic splendor, then don’t miss the charming Mt Elgon National Park, the undulating peaks of Ruwenzori National Park and the famous Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Filled with fantastic natural scenery and interesting wildlife, Uganda is making a name in Africa travel. Among many attractions, Uganda boasts of being the only safari destination with half of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population. It is also a unique and captivating safari destination given its wealth of attractions that a single African safari cannot be enough to discover all the natural beauty and wonders that Uganda has.

The magical gorilla safaris are a must-do activity. Most of these safaris are designed to cover comprehensive gorilla tracking as well as sampling other Uganda’s interesting wildlife, a variety of fauna and its climate that is all friendly through out the year. Go on a Gorilla Safari to Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

If culture and crafts catch your fancy, take a trip to Sanga where the Ankole people have created the Lake Mburo Cultural Village to tell people about the customs and history of their land. At Ntandi, the home of the pygmy tribe, various traditional handicrafts are sold. The 400 years old rock paintings at Nyero, near Kumi, are another paradigm of the heritage of the Ugandans.

While on safari, consider to sample the beautiful Uganda lakes and enjoy their unique attributes. Look for Lake Bujuku in the Queen Elizabeth national park. The lake is about 13,000 feet and is the eastern gateway to the icy peaks of Rwenzori Mountains.

Take in the sight of the spectacular Lake Bunyoni, the deepest lake in Uganda, 6km from Kabale. Lake Nkuruba, 25km south of Fort Portal, is a beautiful crater lake that is reportedly safe from bilharzias, thus great for swimming.

For any safari however, reading up and finding out before your trip is a good idea. You may also check other destinations in Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania including the scenic rural countryside, historic places, magnificent wild lodges and walking through the stunning rainforest can be included in your trip.

A unique experience on these adventures is exploring and comparing the remote outback of the countryside areas of the African people while enjoying scenic viewing of the rolling hills and unsurpassed sceneries. East Africa has so much to nature on offer. It is worth every moment and penny.