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Hilton’s Flagship Brand Makes Highly Anticipated Debut in the Maldives


The digital edition of TRAVEL + LEISURE™ has all the tools you need to take you where you want to go. When Wyndham Destinations spun off Wyndham Hotels & Resorts in 2018, the company needed to clarify its new vision and purpose to unlock shareholder value. Its investors wanted a business with a singular vision to drive the selection of the company’s new headquarters, and that vision was to put the world on vacation.

  • Boutique brands, the Airbnb economy and globalization of the best ideas have blurred traditional hospitality lines, making the battle for top talent a “must win” for tomorrow’s successful hospitality and leisure companies.
  • They just need travelers to get that first taste of timeshares to get the upgrade momentum moving.
  • They may also be interested in on-site dining options, drycleaning and shoe-shining services,
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At Tiffanys Flagship, Luxe Art Helps Promote The Jewels The Model New York Times

Mason & Books is a great example of blending faceted stones with gemstone inlay, providing the best of each kinds. Mason & Books makes use of every kind of inlay in its jewellery collections, that are constructed round candy, childlike motifs such as a ladybug, a bow, and a heart. While styles remain the identical, every bit is inherently one-of-a-kind relying on designer Jamie Books’ stone sourcing. Using giant chunks of colored gems, and often the cheaper varieties, is a cost-effective various to gold or plenty of faceted, dearer stones.

As for the lengthy term, the company is shifting forward with the “Inspiring Brilliance” strategic plan outlined within the March Investor Day presentation, using data and client insights to maintain it agile and responsive to micro and macro changes in the market. Drosos and team are geared up for the busy vacation season, expecting things to get busier as the …

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