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In October 2020, Senseonics requested the FDA to approve the 180-day wear model, however it’s still TBD on getting approval. It’s primarily based on the Omnipod DASH platform launched in 2019 and makes use of the same insulin pods and cell app. It will first be obtainable to attach with the Dexcom CGM and later with Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre. Like Tandem’s Control-IQ, Horizon is a closed loop system, aka Artificial Pancreas technology. It connects the Omnipod tubeless patch pump to a CGM by way of a smart algorithm, permitting for automatic insulin dosing adjustments. DiabetesMine got a primary glimpse of an early prototype on the company’s San Diego headquarters in 2017.

One of the most intriguing newer functions is the sphere of computational immunology—essentially, the practice of changing immune-system questions into mathematical questions that can doubtlessly be solved by computers. AI-powered fashions can now drastically reduce down vaccine-development timelines, by …

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