Practical and Comfortable Travel Tips During the Pandemic

Vacation has indeed become one of the necessities needed by someone to create a balance of life. Unfortunately, during the Covid-19 pandemic, many tourist attractions were temporarily closed. Entering the new normal, several tourist locations have begun to open for holidays. According to https://www.weltweit-urlauben.de the world of tourism is indeed very shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only for tourism service providers, but also for creative actors such as travel bloggers, photographers, or artists. Tourism activities, which had previously been a source of livelihood, were sluggish, moreover, their routines had to be limited by the large-scale social restrictions.

Changing Holiday Trends During The Pandemic

Since the government established a period of adaptation to new habits, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has delegated the authority to open tourist destinations in several countries to the respective local governments. Tourist locations are starting to re-opening, but, many people are also starting to be selective while on vacation so that new holiday trends are forming during the pandemic.

Finding Outdoor Vacation Locations

The spread and contamination of the Covid-19 virus are at a higher risk when a person is in a closed room with limited ventilation. For this reason, many people prefer to take vacations and visit outdoor entertainment locations. Although not an absolute thing, some outdoor vacations provide a sense of security when tourists are on vacation.

Solo Traveling

Many people are starting to realize that the need for entertainment during a pandemic is getting higher. Whether you are doing activities at home or have started working, taking a break from your busy life can restore all your boredom during a pandemic. It’s no wonder that many choose solo traveling to minimize interactions.


Vacation at the inn is also a tourism strategy that is emerging as a new trend. Some inns set room occupancy at only 50% so that visitors can maintain a safe distance while staying. Not a few hotels and inns even provide discounted rates or economical packages to stay for several days at once.

Road Trip

Road travel is also one of the most preferred vacation trends during the pandemic. This is indeed more recommended because everyone can be more introspective in paying attention to cleanliness and interactions with other people.

Holidays at Domestic Tourist Attractions

Previously, the recommendation for domestic holidays was more advisable because it made tracking easier if there was Covid-19 virus contamination. Starting from accident, it seems that many people have more lists of domestic tourist destinations during the pandemic. Even though they were forced to, maybe not a few people have even found attractive tourist destinations in the country.

Pandemic Vacation Tips for Local Tourists

Vacation tips during a pandemic are simple steps that everyone must get used to staying safe and comfortable. As much as possible, efforts should be made to minimize contact between visitors. Come on, see practical and comfortable holiday tips during a pandemic so that friends stay healthy!

  • Going alone or with family at home

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the important thing you must do is minimize direct contact with other people. In this case, vacation alone is more advisable to minimize contact with other people. Another suggested alternative is to go with the same household so that the history of the interactions is traced.

  • Research Tourist Locations

Apart from knowing the history of interactions, everyone should still pay attention to the situation in the place to be visited. Health protocol is the most important thing you must consider, starting from the filling of the location, health protocol, and etc.

  • Choose a Location for Outdoor Nature

Well, outdoor vacations are certainly more advisable. This minimizes virus contamination that can spread in confined spaces. In several countries, there are so many natural tourist sites that can be visited. Try to choose a location that is the safest and most comfortable to visit.

Some entertainment venues in the city that have outdoor facilities may also have started operating again. Not a few new entertainment locations have opened with an outdoor concept with the theme of contemporary picnics. Yes, this can treat a little of your longing for holidays in natural attractions.

  • Use Personal Vehicles

Vacationing can be done, but you must take care of yourself and your family by using a safe mode of transportation. Traveling with a private vehicle is more advisable during a pandemic, of course, while maintaining a filling distance in the vehicle, yes. Also, make sure the vehicle is in prime condition so, it can be used comfortably to its destination.

  • Always wear a mask

When visiting tourist sites, you will meet many people. At least, there will be interactions with officers at tourist attractions. Remember not to be negligent when interacting with other people. Always use a mask to prevent Covid-19 virus contamination. Apart from using disposable masks or cloth masks, make sure to also bring a replacement mask!

  • Bring supplies and cutlery

If possible, bring supplies and utensils to carry with you while traveling. Not only for traveling, try to prepare food ingredients that can be heated. If traveling with family, also prepare cutlery for each of you to use, OK!

  • Maintain a distance from other visitors

Even though you have chosen a less populated tourist location, it is unlikely that there will be no visitors at all. After all, tourist sites are public places that everyone can visit. So, condition yourself to keep your distance from other visitors.

  • Bringing the Hygiene Kit

Maintaining cleanliness should always be a priority for everyone, especially for washing hands. During the holidays, maybe the tourist sites visited have also provided a sink. However, it would be better if visitors still bring their hygiene kits, such as hand sanitizers, surface sprays, wet wipes, and toilet seat cleaners. Clean yourself regularly so that virus contamination can be avoided.

  • Make Online Reservations

If you need to stay overnight while on vacation, you should make reservations online to minimize direct contact. Whether you are holding items or talking to hotel and lodging staff, online reservations will be more practical and safer.

  • Use Non-Cash Payment

Not just reservations, make sure to pay non-cash payments to make transactions. There are already many non-cash payment options to choose from, it would be better if there is a QR Code payment option available at tourist sites.

For those of you who want to take a vacation, make sure that your body is in good condition when visiting tourist attractions. Keep preparing personal medicines and vitamins to keep your body in good shape during your vacation. Have a good vacation and have fun by not forgetting to take care of your health!