9 Interesting Things To Do in Singapore Zoo with Family This Year!

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Singapore is one of the most visited countries in the world. Its endless and varied destinations offer an amazing travel experience for everyone. If you’re looking for the wild side and learning about wild animals, Singapore Zoo is the place. You can find out the Singapore Zoo Entrance Fee information on Traveloka with its interesting offers and discounts!

Singapore Zoo is a must-visit destination and great for a family vacation. It is home to various wild animals in the world, located on a small tropical island in Southeast Asia. The zoo offers an interesting experience featuring a high-class shopping center, delicious culinary, and fun activities. If you’re planning to visit it, let’s follow the simple guides below!

Singapore Zoo is located on the east side of the island and displays an open space concept to support the animals’ life, like in their real habitat. You can walk around this zoo because it is built in a 69 hectares area which allows you to explore and discover unique animals all day long. Some animals that inhabit Singapore Zoo are Orangutan, White Tiger, Elephant, Zebra, Eclectus Parrot, Leopard, and Two-toed Sloth.

Singapore Zoo has a unique concept of animal zonation which allows them to interact like in their real habitat. There are 9 zones you can decide to visit in the zoo. Let’s find out one by one!

  1. Australasia

This zone offers you the experience of being in the depth of nature and surrounded by unique mammals on earth. You can explore and interact with kangaroos and wallabies. It is a fun spot to take your family on weekends.

  1. Wild Africa

It is one of the most popular zones in the Singapore Zoo. Wild Africa is home to various wild animals of African land that you can see with the family. You will find wild African dogs, giraffes, cheetahs, meerkat, white rhino, zebra, and wild boar.

  1. Asian Elephant

The Asian Elephant zone covers the whole area of the zoo. It is home to five female Asian elephants that will be a great view to see. The zone is open every day from 11.30 am to 3.30 pm.

  1. Fragile Forest

The Fragile Forest zone is an amazing place to learn and explore the tropical rainforest. It is built in a 20.000 cubics biodome that inhabits various tropical animals. Explore this place and discover everything from rhinoceros beetles to two drawn sloths.

  1. Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia

Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia is another must-visit zone in Singapore Zoo. It exhibits Ethiopia’s biodiversity and dry savannah bioclimate. You will meet the troops of Hamadryas baboons, meerkats, Nubian ibexes, and also hyraxes. It is a fun place to learn about the Ethiopian landscape and animals.

  1. Reptile Garden

This place is a great spot to learn and discover prehistoric animals. You can explore RepTopia and discover nocturnal species that you might never see in wild nature. Reptile Garden showcases various reptiles such as crocodiles, snakes, turtles, and even dragons!

  1. Primate Kingdom

It is built with the concept of a large island inhabited by primates from various species. You will see six species of primates swinging around the trees in the exotic and tropical atmosphere. In the Primate Kingdom, each species inhabits its island with green scenery and kingdom.

  1. Frozen Tundra

It is home to the first polar bear to be born in the tropical world. Frozen Tundra is built to resemble the real Inuka in the arctic region. It is a homey place for an arctic polar bear in a sprawling condominium with nosey neighbors on its swimming pools.

  1. Treetops Trail

Treetops Trail is a tropical rainforest that inhabits acrobatic animals swinging from one tree to another. It exhibits anything you can imagine in tropical rainforests from Siamangs to lemurs. The atmosphere of a real forest surrounded by these animals will make your experience fun!

Those are the 9 interesting zones that you should visit in Singapore Zoo with your family. It is better to plan your vacation before you go traveling. And make sure you put this destination on your bucket lists!